2020 Dodge Journey GT AWD Blacktop Release Date & Price

2020 Dodge Journey GT AWD Blacktop Release Date & Price – Although the Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, and Ford Edge bask in the vim of younger years, the Dodge Journey waits with consideration for a redesign. The midsize crossover has not been drastically current because we analyzed it in 2010, and it seems the very same, from the exterior design down to the buttons on the heart unit, the infotainment system, and the steering wheel. This time all around, we examined range-topping GT trim with a high-performance suspension, an optionally available navigation package, and the sporty Blacktop package, however, it only manufactured the Journey weightier and slow.

2020 DODGE JOURNEY GT AWD 2020 Dodge Journey GT AWD Blacktop Release Date & Price

2020 Dodge Journey GT AWD Blacktop Changes

Powered by a 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine with 283 hp, our tester must have had the opportunity to continue to keep up with competitors. But the 4,405-pound Dodge success 60 mph in 7.9 seconds, which makes it reduced than the V-6-powered 2020 Highlander SE AWD (7.2 seconds) and our long-word 2020 Honda Pilot Elite (6.2 seconds). A 2020 Ford Edge Sports EcoBoost, preparing an extraordinary 315 hp, also created its mark in just 6.2 seconds.

Braking from 60 mph required a sharp 115 feet in the Journey GT, compared to 126 feet for the Highlander, 119 feet for the Pilot, and 120 feet for the Edge Sport. The Journey also managed nicely in the shape eight with a run of 25.5 seconds at .67 g, compared to 27.6 seconds at .62 g for Highlander, 27.5 seconds at .63 g for Pilot, and 26.4 seconds at .68 g for Edge. Three-row crossovers never stimulate anticipations of fascinating performance, but our Journey has some sports benefits. It can feel smaller than other competitors, and it offers a constant steering feel and rewarding switching radius. It displays sharp preliminary throttle answer off the line and maneuvers nicely in traffic. Nevertheless, it labors getting all the way from to 60 mph when merging on the highway. Touring over potholes and other road flaws will swiftly unsettle the driver and travelers. The rear suspension shudders constantly at average speeds even on pavement that appears fairly sleek.

2020 DODGE JOURNEY GT AWD INTERIOR 2020 Dodge Journey GT AWD Blacktop Release Date & Price

Set merely, it is a crossover with additional groan than grace. You can pick up all its elements at work, from the deafening humming of the climate control system to the uncommon whirring disturbance of the power steering push and the thunk of the rear undercarriage. When moved to the restriction, the engine tends to make a sound anywhere between a pant and a growl. Changing in the six-speed auto is noticeable at modest speeds; you can feel the notches most clearly when changing up to 3rd and 4th products and when transferring down to first. Inside the cabin, you will obtain an interior in whose design has withstood the test of time, for the most part. Dodge has held added buttons and changes to a bare minimum, and the seats are comfortable as prior to. The infotainment system nonetheless seems sharp, however, the touchscreen is outdated and not as sensitive as far more contemporary devices. A great deal of storing cubbies add more utility, from a region in front of the cupholders to wallets on the side of the middle unit floor unit, an area under the front passenger seat cushion, and second-row in-floor safe-keeping containers. Unsurprisingly, travelers may find second-row seating small, and the next row is only functional for safe-keeping.

2020 DODGE JOURNEY GT AWD SPECS 2020 Dodge Journey GT AWD Blacktop Release Date & Price

2020 Dodge Journey GT AWD Blacktop Release Date & Price

Our tester experienced a price label of $38,240 well before any available rewards. Standard features include a high-performance suspension as effectively as leather-cut covers, warmed up front seats, three-zone climate control, an Alpine speaker system, and other updates. The Blacktop package on our model contributes black highlights to the front fascia, wheels, and exterior decorative mirrors. Navigation and a rearview camera also got as part of an individual package. The Journey commences as low as $22,290, undercutting competitors by countless numbers of dollars. This competition can certainly get up to nearly $50,000 on the top-trim amounts. But be mindful of additional fees; IntelliChoice prices the cost of management importance for the 2020 Dodge Journey GT AWD as “Poor” over a five-year time period. Of course, the Journey is unrefined and coarse in some methods. But for the correct price label at the car dealership, it is a possibility that is a small a lot less foreseeable than the Highlander or Pilot.