2018 Dodge Shakedown Challenger Review & Changes

2018 Dodge Shakedown Challenger Review & Changes – If there is confirmation that Bizarro World is available, then the Dodge Shakedown Challenger at the 2017 SEMA show may be it. In contrast to the contemporary Dodge Challenger is a new car manufactured to appear like an older car, the Shakedown Challenger is a classic car manufactured to seem like a new car. Bizarro, without a doubt. Despite the fact that the Shakedown is officially a 1971 Challenger, the crew at FCA included the headlights, taillights, and a grille from the 2018 Challenger to give the traditional coupe a modern-day appearance. A custom reduces front fascia, rear lip spoiler, and present-day 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels that talk about a design with the wheels highlighted on the Challenger SRT Hellcat furthermore blur the line involving older and new.

%name 2018 Dodge Shakedown Challenger Review & Changes

Dodge Shakedown Challenger

The Shakedown Challenger’s appearance is not all which has been current for the 21st century. As the giant “Mopar 392” fender stickers imply, the Shakedown is inspired by Dodge’s 485-hp 6.4-liter V-8. A practical hood scoop, a chilly-air intake, and a custom-manufactured exhaust supply the 392-cubic-inch engine having a more bit of grunt. At the same time, a six-speed manual transmission cribbed from the Viper places the pushrod engine’s ponies to the rear wheels. Custom suspension elements and Brembo brake calipers from the Hellcat make sure the Shakedown’s other dynamic characteristics are as capable as its amazing powertrain.

%name 2018 Dodge Shakedown Challenger Review & Changes

Dodge Shakedown Challenger Specs

Dodge did not depart the antique Challenger’s outmoded interior untouched, possibly. The Shakedown’s insides include a present-day Mopar measure group, as nicely as a steering wheel and seats culled from today’s Viper. The rear seats happen to be eliminated, as well, exchanged by a package shelf and a rolling nightclub, whilst a fuel cell and its connected filler stay in the Shakedown’s trunk.

%name 2018 Dodge Shakedown Challenger Review & Changes

Dodge Shakedown Challenger Interior

The Dodge Shakedown Challenger is potentially the most meta car we have actually put an eye on. Soon, after all, this vintage Challenger is fashioned to seem like a car which had been actually made to imitate the appears of the 1970-71 Challenger. It seems like, then, that the contemporary-seeking, 45-year-older Dodge Shakedown Challenger is Chrysler’s consider to shake points up, not down. Which form of is a good idea, simply because in Bizarro World “down” really indicates “up.”